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Research & Development

Innovation, “Passion for Beauty“, creativity and attention to detail are the key factors to successfully tailored products. Cosmetics is like fashion: convertible, eclectic and individual.

We are a dynamic, creative team with years of in-depth experience and respect to new developments in cosmetic formulations. Our highly qualified team represents a precise and ideal combination from diverse scientific fields, complementing one another ideally, which is crucial for a holistic understanding of cosmetics. Indeed, it is important to develop new products but also to understand their effect and above all, why they have a certain effect.

To remain state of the art, we create trendy, competitive and market-aligned products. Continual trend scouting and further training, both nationally and abroad, guarantee that we are always on the pulse of time. In-depth customer advice, a large stock of active ingredients and raw materials, coupled with new ideas and customer support are of great importance to us as well. We provide all tests to guarantee safe and effective new products. Stability, effectiveness, skin and compatibility tests are only a small selection of our services.