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Petra Vancl, Marketing Director“Our brands are the heart of the company!”
Mag. Petra Vancl, Marketing Director

A company’s strategy is defined by its marketing. Our  marketing team is responsible for the development, design and marketing of our brands RefectoCil, BeautyLash and Master Lin, the support of our Private Label Business as well as the internal and external company communication.

Changing needs require regular product line revisions. The timely identification of trends, market needs and respective target groups are some of our main tasks. In accordance with our product mix policy and in cooperation with our research and development department and our buying team, we create innovative products and packaging.  Our aim is to give our brands 360° support: through advertising – on- and offline, for the POS and also through training of teams involved in the sales and application of our products. We work closely with all our distribution partners in different markets and we develop sales support and training material like tutorials to suit their individual needs.