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“As managers of the company it is our job and duty to look after the legal and contractual interests of the company and to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved.”


Mag. Rainer Deisenhammer, Managing Partner

Mag. Karl Büche, Managing Director



We are resonsable for the external legal representation for GW Cosmetics and provide leadership of our business and our departements.  Both, legal and extra judicial affairs and a wide range of organisational duties concerning the organisation of the company are part of our duties. Moreover, representative tasks  and activities ensuring capital maintenance and capital security are an important aspect of our job.

All our activities are guided by two main concerns: our employees’ job security and long-term business success. We think it vital to keep the all employees informed and that decisions are made by the people responsible for the department. This way, we promote and encourage our employees’ independence, which also contributes to our company’s long-term success.