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The history of GW Cosmetics has its roots back in 1930. Josef Gschwentner opened his hair salon “Studio” with his wife Angela in Vienna’s 9th district. Influenced by scientific interests and dissatisfaction with the hair products available at that time, he decided to develop better products. Therefore, he researched numerous patent lists, studied existing biologics and followed the newest market developments with greatest attention. Without any formal qualifications in chemistry, but with unwavering perseverance, he later not only manufactured chemicals, but even constructed a machine for the production of thioglycolic acid. After intense research, Josef Gschwentner succeeded in developing the most modern hair tinting and hair care products. These new products were outstanding in their effectiveness and intensity compared to other products available on the market.

As a result of this big success, Josef Gschwentner founded the company “Gschwentner Haarkosmetik“ and started to sell his products to other hairdressers. This was the time when the brand RefectoCil evolved – a professional brand of eyebrow and eyelash tints. Years later the son of the company’s founder, Gerhard Gschwentner, took over the company and was heavily involved in expanding a transnational sales network. With the aim of winning new sales partners, he and his wife Charlotte travelled across Europe and established excellent partnerships in other countries. Due to these sales measures and constantly high product quality, the brand RefectoCil became a world market leader in eyebrow and eyelash tints. Today RefectoCil is GW Cosmetics’ flagship brand.

Come on, jump on the history train with us! Let’s travel together through the history of GW Cosmetics – in our timeline below the most important facts are ordered by vears. Every decade is represented by a style icon of that time. This short time travel shows that eyes have always played a major role throughout the years – no matter how the individual interpretation of beauty changes over time.

Have fun browsing the timeline!

  • Die 30er
    Greta Garbo
  • 1930
    Gschwentner Haarkosmetik
  • Die 40er
    Marilyn Monroe
  • 1942
    RefectoCil entsteht
  • Die 50er
    Audrey Hepburn
  • 1954
    Gründung Firma Weinzierl
  • Die 60er
    Grace Kelly
  • 1960
    Erster Slogan
  • 1961
    Erste Werbemaßnahmen
  • 1963
    Erfindung des Blondier
  • 1965
    Erfindung des Haarlacks
  • 1969
    Erfindung der Vital
  • Die 70er
    Brigitte Bardot
  • 1970
    Zitat Josef Gschwentner
  • 1972
    Confetti Tönungsspray
  • 1974
    RefectoCil Beipackzettel
  • Die 80er
  • 1983
    RefectoCil Produktrange
  • 1985
    RefectoCil Anzeigen
  • 1986
    Gschwentner Profi
  • 1988
    Teilnahme Friseur WM
  • Die 90er
    Kate Moss
  • 1995
    RefectoCil Produktfolder
  • Die 2000er
  • 2004
    Übernahme Gschwentner
  • 2005
    Standort Liechtensteinstraße
  • 2006
  • 2007
    Übernahme Weinzierl
  • 2008
    Modernste Technologien
  • 2009
    GW Cosmetics entsteht
  • 2010
    PLMA Amsterdam
  • 2011
    Master Lin
  • 2012
    70 Jahre RefectoCil
  • 2013